Experience Untethered Intimacy

At home, or from across the globe—you're in control.

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Connection. Control. Complete Freedom.

Closer Connections

Motorbunny LINK allows partners to connect intimately, even when they are far apart.

Better Control

Enable counter-clockwise "twirl," and enjoy pre-programmed routines that would be otherwise impossible.

Freedom to Explore

Discover endless, exhilarating experiences. LINK is your door to a new world of creativity.

Discover Motorbunny LINK

The Motorbunny LINK Controller and MB LINK app combine to change how you hop on—forever.

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Pick up that creative vibe

Preprogrammed Routines

Enjoy hundreds of combinations of frequencies and intensities.

Choose a "buzz" setting. Dozens of loops exist to tease, entice and keep riders eager with anticipation. Choose a "twirl" setting. The MB LINK app includes preprogrammed settings that no human with a standard controller could ever replicate. These combinations have been designed to give riders experiences they can't find anywhere else on Earth. Find a combination you like? Use it over and over, but don't stop exploring. There's always another magic mix of movements to discover.

Wifi Control from Anywhere

The web-based interface lets you offer control to anyone, anywhere.

The MB LINK app makes it simple to generate a link giving control to a partner with a computer or smartphone. Your partner just clicks on the link and immediately accesses "buzz," "twirl," "reverse-twirl," and preprogrammed routines. The rider feels every decision the controller makes in real-time, giving long-distance partners a new level of intimacy that has never been seen before. Long-distance relationships will never be the same.

Draw Personal Routines

Create and save your own custom "twirl" and "buzz" patterns.

Motorbunny stands for sexual creativity, and Motorbunny LINK puts the tools in your hand to craft masterpieces. Using the Draw timeline, use your finger to create loops of varying intensities to drive your partner wild. Save the ones that work best for you. With Motorbunny LINK, you're the master of your machine—the maestro of a symphony of sensations.

Sync Music and Movement

Make the entire room part of the experience by syncing music.

Throbbing, pulsing, bumping, buzzing—music has always been a key element of transcendent sexual experiences. Let your playlist take control, either using music stored on your phone, or allowing your device microphone to translate your grooves into moves. When the music takes over, the ride is about much more than sound waves and mechanics. It's about combining sensory inputs to create a seamless, holistic experience that defies description.

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How to Share Control with Motorbunny LINK

Offering long-distance control with Motorbunny LINK is quick and simple.

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    Get the Controller and App

    The MB LINK app is available for iOS and Android. The Motorbunny LINK Controller plugs in like a standard controller.

  • 2
    Pair your device

    Making sure your Motorbunny power and LINK Controller are plugged in, open your app and connect with your Motorbunny via Bluetooth.

  • 3
    Create an Account

    In the MB LINK app, create an account using your email address. Just log in when you're ready to share control.

  • 4
    Share Control

    Click 'Create a Link' to generate a private link to control your Motorbunny. You can share this with whoever you like via text, Facebook message, KIK, or any other messaging platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

The MB LINK app has a tour function that allows you to see exactly how the sharing experience works, even if you don't own a Motorbunny yet. Download the app to see for yourself!

Do the control links I've shared expire?

Yes. To prevent overuse of a Wifi-controlled Motorbunny after your ride is over, linked control sessions expire after fifteen minutes.

Download Today!

Available for iOS and Android platforms. For specific hardware questions, please email support@motorbunny.com

*Works best on iOS 9.0+, Android Oreo (8) and above.